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"College admissions are a complicated business,

and one that is very hard for most applicants

and their parents to understand,

due to the opacity of the schools themselves."

- Fortune Magazine

Navigating the college application process can be quite tricky. From choosing the right classes in high school, to preparing for the SAT or ACT--from deciding on which subject tests to take, to building a "brand" and trying to stand out from the rest of the applicants--for many parents and students, it often feels overwhelming. That's where I come in. 

My number one job is to make the college preparation process easier, clearer, smoother, and more enjoyable for students and parents. With a Master of Arts in English and my experience as an AP English teacher, college professor, and college counselor, I ensure each personal statement and supplement are not only pristine, but also grab the admissions counselors' attention. Using my life coaching experience, I help my students zero in on their passions, align their high school classes with their potential major, and engage in purposeful activities, so that they are uniquely recognized by each school to which they apply. 

In essence, I am the "co-pilot" during the college preparation and counseling process, navigating each step of the way, providing insight and expertise when needed, and organizing the necessary elements for a successful journey. 

In short, here is a list of what my comprehensive services include:

  • FaceTime or Skype 30-60-minute sessions every other week

  • Test prep (SAT, subject tests, AP, ACT) if necessary

  • College planning (college list, setting up college trips)

  • Academic planning

  • Academic assistance

  • Branding (assisting with internship applications, assisting with finding volunteer work, assisting with starting businesses or other ventures, etc.)

  • Resume making

  • Editing services for school essays

  • Brainstorming, outlining, drafting, and editing ALL essays for ALL college applications.

  • Completion and submission of college applications

  • Submission of test scores

  • Life coaching


What people are saying...

“Tenley provided a hands-on experience that catered to my needs and college goals. She was not only sweet, understanding, and attentive, but also truly wanted the best for me. I was not as stressed as half of my classmates because of Tenley’s method and organization. Thank you so much!”

— Madison, USC (2019)

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