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As an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT, #130074), I counsel all types of individuals--from "Type A" women who are intensely driven, but often feel exhausted from perfectionism--to individuals who have gone or are going through infertility and feel a loss of control--to postpartum women who are experiencing depression and/or anxiety. Most of my clients are seeking something deeper than just "talk therapy." They are interested in how their past traumas show up in their bodies and want to mobilize their pain, so that they can create new narratives and harness their innate power.

I integrate Somatic Therapy; Internal Family Systems (IFS); Psychodynamic Therapy; and Narrative Therapy. Instead of a "top down" approach to therapy, which consists of mainly talking and cognitive processing, I facilitate the connection between mind and body, so that clients can access their most centered self and respond from a more calm, curious, and balanced state of mind. I help clients examine their families of origin and any unhealed trauma; explore the parts of themselves that become activated and dominant (i.e. depression, anxiety, etc.); and empower them to create a new narrative, so that we may live with greater joy, purpose, and passion. 


  • M.A. Clinical Psychology - Pepperdine (2021)

  • M.A. Teaching - Belmont University (2009)

  • M.A. English - Belmont University (2005)

  • B.A. Theatre - University of Michigan (2001)

  • AMFT, #130074 (Associate Marriage and Family Therapist)

  • Certified Professional Life Coach, iPEC (11 years)

  • College Counselor (9 years)

  • High school English teacher (6 years)

  • College English teacher (5 years)

  • Curriculum Director for True Connection (8 years)

  • Author

  • Singer/Songwriter

  • Tennis coach

In my fourth year of teaching high school English, I attended a year-long life coaching program and received my certification in 2011 from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. As a Certified Professional Life Coach, founder of Limitless Heart Life Coaching, LLC (est. 2011), and author of Leap Before You Look; Seven Steps to Discover Who You Are, What You Want, and How to Change the World (2014), I specialized in life purpose coaching and college counseling from 2011-2022. Having been a yoga and Pilates instructor for five years in my mid-twenties, I fused life coaching techniques with mindfulness and meditation, knowing that the way to best optimize an individual’s potential is to foster emotional, physical, and spiritual growth.


Wanting to reach a broader base of clients, I attended Pepperdine University’s Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology with an Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy program. In my final year at Pepperdine (2021), I interned at Cancer Support Community of Los Angeles, where I facilitated support groups and worked individually with clients who were currently undergoing cancer cancer treatments or were post treatment, as well as caregivers of those who have cancer. As a current Associate Marriage and Family Therapist under the supervision of Dr. Courtnay Meletta, I provide integrative psychotherapy for all types of clients. 


I have done numerous teaching videos for eHow and conducted several social-emotional workshops. I am the Curriculum Director for True Connection, a non profit that provides SEL, mindfulness, and art programs to various institutions. As Curriculum Director, I created HiEQ, a social-emotional learning curriculum to be integrated into classrooms, as well as SEL Online Foundations, an online social-emotional learning course in partnership with the University of Massachusetts Global.


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